Academic Dean, Rev Gary Robbins
Semester Schedule

Winter Semester                Jan - Mar                12 Weeks
Summer Semester              May - Jul                12 Weeks
Fall Semester                      Sep - Nov              12 Weeks

Family Ministries Bible Institute at Family Ministries Center
9955 County Road 34, Fairhope, Al 36532
We are excited to announce the opening of our new Family Ministries Bible Institute.  First Semester
began August 27, 2007.   Applications are available for the Fall semester from the office which will
begin Monday evening, September 6, 2010 at 7 pm.     
We are growing and excitement is high with our students.  Because of the new students enrolled for this
semester, we are offering classes Mon, Wed and Fri nights and we have made a special discount on
cost to make it affordable for all who want to get involved.  Call the office at 251-928-4780 if you
would like to get registered; late registrations are available for two weeks.  The classes available for this
semester are:  Studies in the Book of John, Developing a Biblical World View, and Strategies of
Spiritual Harvest.
Our desire is to reach out to those who are interested in furthering their education in Biblical Studies or  
who feel a call of ministry on their life and supply them with a great Bible based program of study.  We
then aspire to bring them into a place of worship where anointing will empower them to go out and
minister to others.

The Concentration of Study will be directed to:
Bible Studies
Pastoral Ministries
Evangelism Ministries
Mission Ministries
Leadership Ministries

Basis Curriculum
Strategies for Spiritual Harvest
Foundations of Faith
Kingdom Living
Strategies for Spiritual Warfare
Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Knowing God's Voice
Creative Bible Study Methods
Basis Bible Survey I - Old Testament
Basis Bible Survey II - New Testament
Developing A Biblical World View
Teaching Tactics
Multiplication Methodologies
Power Principles
Biblical Management Principles
Principles of Environmental Analysis
Management by Objectives
Mobilization Methodologies
Leven - Like Evangelism
Intercessory Prayer
Women:  A Biblical Profile
You Came Unto Me:  A Jail and Prison Ministry Manual

These are just some of the courses that will be offered toward a 2 year or a 4 year program of study at
Applications are now available through the FMC Church Office.
(open 9am - 4pm, Mon -Fri)
9955 County Road 34, Fairhope, AL 36532
or call 251-928-4780 (office), 251-422-4769 (cell) for information